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Chicken Soup Basket

A wicker basket filled with chicken soup, assorted fruit, and a dramatic bromeliad plant all accented by fall leaves and a decorative bow.

Gourmet Basket

A grapevine basket filled with seasonal fruit, chocolates, nuts, cheese, crackers and cookies all wrapped up in cellophane and a bow.

Meat and Cheese Basket

A gourmet basket filled with assorted meats, chese and other complimenting items for a meal made for a king.

Picnic Basket

A basket filled with everything for a picnic, including cheese, crackers, spreads, nuts, cookies, chocolates etc. all wrapped up in cellophane and a bow. Great gift idea!

PMS Basket

A thrilling assortment of savory snacks and treats perfect for a taste bud adventure. All carefully arranged in a wicker basket that includes chips and dip and a variety of candies. Perfect for any sweet tooth or just - "Leave me alone".

Super Bowl Party Basket

Super Bowl party basket filled with your favorite beverage and lots of great snacks. Go Team!
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