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Festive Fun

A red vase filled with evergreens, ginger, anthurium, hydrangea, ting ting, ornaments, ribbons and pine cones.


A dramatic festive arrangement starting with cranberries displayed in a glass vase, anthurium, dendrobium orchids, mini carnations, snow branches, ribbons and pine cones.

Gingerbread House

A ceramic gingerbread house good enough to eat, filled with carnations, mini carnations, red berries, red ting ting, pine cones and ribbons.


A centerpiece with a variety of evergreens, anthurium, snap dragons, dendrobium orchids, fugi's, tulips, ornaments, ribbons, pine cones, a hurricane and a candle.

Gold Elegance

A centerpiece of fugi's, anthurium, dendrobium orchids, ornaments, ribbons, pine cones, a hurricane and a candle.


A colored glass vase filled with mixed evergreens, hydrangea, iris, delphinium, ornaments, snow branches, pine cones and a beautiful bow to accent this lovely piece.
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