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Guaranteed Delivery from a real florist in San Diego!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

At San Diego Florist Shop (La Mesa Florist, Inc) we have been creating and delivery fresh flower arrangements by hand to the local San Diego area for over 50 years!  We won't raise our prices, stop taking orders, and we guarantee delivery on Valentine's Day anywhere in San Diego!

Did you know that many of the florist websites that you find online never have even touched a flower or know one from another?  It is very common for someone to set up a website and a telemarketing center in the middle of nowhere pass your order off to someone else and take their cut.  This means that you pay more and get even less quality and poor customer service.  Every year, many customers call us and tell us about their order that was lost or not delivered on time - or even worse, how poor the quality was.  

How is it that SanDiegoFlowers claims to be San Diego's One Stop Flower Shop and San Diego's Premier Online Florist when they are actually a Gift Services marketing company in Vancouver, WA?  You don't want your beautiful arrangement shipped in a box - nor handed off to a low quality florist that is willing to throw something together at the lowest price.  You want someone you can talk to locally that is willing to create a one of a kind gift.

At La Mesa Florist, you are encouraged to call us directly and talk about your order.  In fact, call us directly at (619) 466-4151 and ask for Karen, our owner, and she will work with you to create a one of a kind flower arrangement that is perfect gift within your budget.

We've been hearing and seeing a lot of hype about the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.  That there is going to be a shortage on Roses and that prices will double or even triple.  These are just scare tactics and are not true.  Sure, other San Diego florists may double their prices or make you pay a fortune for local delivery - they also stop taking orders for Valentine's Day delivery 3 days before, but that is not the case at San Diego Florist Shop.  We have a huge supply of fresh flowers and will not raise our prices or change our delivery fees.  We are a real, local florist so we will hand deliver your flowers anywhere in San Diego.