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Proud sponsor of the Friends of Scott Foundation

Monday, April 16, 2012

For the 5th consecutive year, La Mesa Florist is proud and honored to have the opportunity to sponsor the Friends of Scott Foundation Annual Unforgettable Prom by providing complimentary flowers.

The Today Show featured coverage of the event on 4/19/2012!  Watch the video

Slide show of the Unforgetable Prom on

About the Friends of Scott Foundation:

The Friends of Scott Foundation was created in memory of Scott Delgadillo.  Scott was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13.  He passed away after a year long battle with this devastating disease. Scott was a passionate and caring young man.

Scott was known for the lasting friendships and bonds he developed in his short life. Those friends surrounded him from the very beginning, throughout treatment, and literally until his final breath.  And that special relationship has remained strong and very much alive through continued communication with those special friends who were so supportive to a mother and family beginning the grieving process.

One day Scott's friends were sitting around sharing stories about Scott and reminiscing about how much he looked forward to their visits at the hospital during his treatment. The topic turned to doing something in his memory for other children suffering from this disease.

This is how The Friends of Scott Foundation began.  A few forward thinking teenagers sharing Scott's very own concern and caring spirit for children and their families coping with cancer.  The Friends of Scott Foundation's mission is to ensure that our children and their families get the emotional and financial support needed to cope with this disease.

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