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Azalea Butterfly

A combination garden in a fluted wicker basket including an azalea and green plants accented with a butterfly.

Azalea Garden

A basket filled with green plants, an azalea, birch branches and a butterfly.

Azalea Hummingbird

A planter including an azalea and a combination of mixed green plants in a fluted wicker basket and a hummingbird.

Bamboo Azalea

A combination garden in a square bamboo basket filled with an azalea and a spathaphylium with a birch branch, butterfly and a bow.

Bamboo Garden

A variety of green plants and a bromeliad in a basket with a bamboo trellis and a butterfly.

Bark Birds

A bark basket filled with sunflowers, liatris, bird of paradise, tulips, spray roses, gladiola and birch branches.
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